31. starling-sim-base-px4

Based on starling-sim-base-core

This image contains the base Gazebo installation and adds the PX4 specific plugins.

31.1 Environment Variables

Name Default Value Description
PX4_SIM_HOST The host address of the simulation, if set, it will look up the ip address and assign to PX4_SIM_IP
PX4_OFFBOARD_HOST The host adress of the offboard (mavros), if set, it will look up the ip address and assign to PX4_OFFBOARD_IP
PX4_INSTANCE 0 The instance of the SITL (set to PX4 SYS_ID set to PX4_INSTACE+1), can be set to ordinal to automatically derive from last number of hostname (e.g. hostname-4), or set to 0 < instace < 254.
PX4_HOME_LAT 51.501582 Home Latitude
PX4_HOME_LON -2.551791 Home Longitude
PX4_HOME_ALT 0 Home Altitude
PX4_SIM_MODEL iris The PX4 simulation model which matches the available PX4 model library (see KEEP_PX4_VEHICLES)
PX4_SIM_INIT_LOC_X 0 Virtual X location for vehicle to spawn
PX4_SIM_INIT_LOC_Y 0 Virtual Y location for vehicle to spawn
PX4_SIM_INIT_LOC_Z 0 Virtual Z location for vehicle to spawn
PX4_SIM_FORCE_USE_SET_POSITION false If multiple vehicles are spawning, by default they will spawn in a spiral. This forces the use of Init Locations
PX4_SYSID_SITL_BASE 200 The base value of the minimum STIL instances actual instance is PX4_SYSID_SITL_BASE + PX4_INSTACE (not implemented yet)
ENABLE_EXTERNAL_VISION If this variable exists, sets set px4 params EKF2_HGT_MODE to 3 and EKF2_AID_MASK to 24 (EV_POS+EV_YAW) for use with a simulated vicon system.
KEEP_PX4_VEHICLES "" [BUILD ARG] A string of the format ! -path ./<vehicle_1> ! -path ./<vehicle_2>... which specifies a list of extra vehicle PX4 models to keep on top of sun, gps, iris and r1_rover.
REMOVE_GAZEBO_LIBRARIES "libgazebo_video_stream_widget.so libgazebo_airspeed_plugin.so libgazebo_drop_plugin.so libgazebo_user_camera_plugin.so libgazebo_camera_manager_plugin.so libgazebo_gimbal_controller_plugin.so libgazebo_opticalflow_mockup_plugin.so libgazebo_opticalflow_plugin.so libgazebo_airship_dynamics_plugin.so libgazebo_catapult_plugin.so libgazebo_irlock_plugin.so libgazebo_parachute_plugin.so libgazebo_sonar_plugin.so libgazebo_usv_dynamics_plugin.so libgazebo_uuv_plugin.so libgazebo_wind_plugin.so" [BUILD ARG] A space seperated list of libraries to be removed from the image. See below for details.


Default list of available plugins which are built by the PX4_SITL:

libgazebo_airship_dynamics_plugin.so X
libgazebo_airspeed_plugin.so X
libgazebo_camera_manager_plugin.so X
libgazebo_catapult_plugin.so X
libgazebo_drop_plugin.so X
libgazebo_gimbal_controller_plugin.so X
libgazebo_irlock_plugin.so X
libgazebo_opticalflow_mockup_plugin.so X
libgazebo_opticalflow_plugin.so X
libgazebo_parachute_plugin.so X
libgazebo_sonar_plugin.so X
libgazebo_user_camera_plugin.so X
libgazebo_usv_dynamics_plugin.so X
libgazebo_uuv_plugin.so X
libgazebo_video_stream_widget.so X

A space seperated list of these files can be given at build time to remove all of the plugins you dont need in order to save space. Each library is around 7 to 9Mb.