30. starling-sim-base-core

This image contains the Gazebo and gzweb installations that other Gazebo-based simulation images are built upon. It also includes gazebo-ros to enable the link between ROS and Gazebo.

This image acts as a base to build other simulation environments on.

30.1 /ros.env.d

To ease the expansion of this image, a mechanism has been built to enable expansion by volume mount. As part of the entrypoint, the image will look for any folders in /ros.env.d that contain a setup.bash file. Any such file will be sourced as part of the entrypoint. This allows for arbitrary expansion of the entrypoint by adding additional volume mounts.

30.2 Environment Variables

Name Default Value Description
ENABLE_VIRTUAL_FRAMEBUFFER true Enables the setup_display.sh script and starts a virtual X server. Use for simulated vehicles which have cameras on them.